The Human Resource

When you need professional HR advice:                

√  Taking on people for the first time?
√  Need to scale the number of employees up - or scale down?
√  Difficulties with employees that need tackling?
√  Struggling to apply complicated employment law?
√  Change in your business will affect people’s jobs?

 With any of these situations, we welcome you at The Human Resource where you’ll find a quick response and common sense, commercially focused advice and solutions. 

What We Do

We provide professional advice and expertise to enable business owners to set up and manage the employment side of their business effectively. 

We’ll help your company become more profitable and productive by getting the best out of its people. 

We’ll provide you with first-rate support skilfully tailored to your business and its culture. 

Flexibility of service

We offer the flexibility of an HR service available just when you need it - without the additional costs of recruiting an HR professional to join the team.  We fight your HR fires at point of need – no fire too small!

Saving employers time and money

We support businesses with cost effective people policies and practices that make a real difference to the bottom line, solutions to help save you both time and money via:

  • Attracting and keeping the right employees
  • Avoiding employment tribunal cases
  • Managing employee relations issues more effectively and less stressfully
  • Freeing up the senior management team from being so involved in operational issues.

Where we work

We support companies throughout the UK online, by telephone and via videoconferencing. 

A face-to-face consultancy service with meetings at your office is provided in Southern England.   

0800 047 5711
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